How to Budget for a Healthcare AV System Build

There is a lot to get excited about when it comes to audio visual solutions for healthcare systems. If you’re a healthcare administrator, you’ve probably heard your colleagues’ wish lists and maybe even started envisioning all the possibilities yourself. But there is one part of a new system build that pretty much no one wants to think about: your healthcare audio visual budget. While this topic is sure to bring everyone’s enthusiasm down a few notches, it is crucial to planning properly and ending up with a final product you can afford. Here are some tips for making sure you achieve both outcomes.

1. Choose the right partners.

Before you start calculating potential costs, it’s important to do your homework around AV contractors. The range of what this term can mean is pretty expansive, meaning you need to really know what you’re looking for and be discerning as you shop around. Look for a partner who has extensive AV experience in the healthcare industry specifically.

Also, look for a firm who can help you with everything from design through installation and ongoing maintenance. An additional advantage of having design consultants and builders who are familiar with AV systems that will be in use at your facility is that they’ll know about potential risks or barriers that could end up adding on unexpected costs.

Once you make your decision, you’ll need to include the cost of working with such a partner in your budget, of course. But remember that the more qualified the AV provider, the better they’ll help you stay on budget.

2. Plan for labor & installation.

It’s important to think through all the costs that come with installation. After all, you’ll need to pay for the technical teams and installation crews who will be onsite implementing your equipment. Keep in mind that if you work with an experienced team, you’ll ultimately pay less for labor and installation because they’re that much more efficient. Furthermore, things are less likely to go wrong and need rework later. It pays to start with quality up front.

3. Remember ongoing maintenance.

Last, but certainly not least, AV systems require some level of maintenance to be kept in good working order. When you first set out to put together your budget, maintenance may sound like a faraway need, making you tempted to leave it out. But, it’s better to have all the potential costs in your budget from the get-go, so you can choose the right equipment and have a plan for the months and years to come. This kind of big picture thinking will help you nail down an accurate budget and set yourself up for success with all of your audio visual solutions for healthcare systems.

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