How We Solved A Healthcare Client’s Acoustic & Sound Challenges

A healthcare company in Scottsdale, Arizona had recently moved into a newly renovated office space. While it was beautifully designed with high ceilings, wide walkways, glass walls, and wood tile planks, the company quickly realized its design was lacking when it came to healthcare acoustics. After asking around for AV sound solution referrals, the firm was given PIVIUM’s name. 

Better Control & Privacy

PIVIUM began by working with the company to identify two key goals with the shared understanding that acoustics in healthcare environments often require nuanced solutions. They agreed that the two highest priorities were to control acoustic noise levels and protect speech privacy in each exam room. 

Office-Wide Acoustics

The team at PIVIUM learned all they could, big and small, about the client’s space, workflows and processes. They came to understand that four doctors worked in this particular location, each of whom had different taste in music. This made it clear that PIVIUM would need to help provide overhead loudspeakers that supported multiple inputs and could stream different music channels in separate locations throughout the building simultaneously. 

Sound Masking Solutions

Additionally, PIVIUM advised this client on how to handle sound masking throughout the office to ensure that patient/doctor conversations remained private and the environment remained peaceful. PIVIUM recommended partnering with manufacturer Making Privacy Simple and implementing its Voice Arrest sound masking system, one of the most intelligent solutions available for the following reasons: 

  • Its patented algorithm and user-friendly software automatically adjusts to meet the privacy needs of the space so the client never has to worry about making adjustments themselves.
  • By installing speakers that sit above the ceiling tile, the sound emitted is both soft and inconspicuous. It helps wash out the ambient noise in the space, making conversations more private and background noise less distracting. 
  • The speakers can also be used as a typical overhead intercom as needed, pushing background music to the desired locations while emitting the sound masking noise at the same time. 
  • The system can be controlled through a user friendly app or web terminal that allows the controller to stream their preferred background music to each individual location while also allowing volume control.

The Details

With a deep understanding of this healthcare company’s needs and wants, PIVIUM designed their AV sound solutions with great care. The system includes 32 speakers installed in all exam rooms, in the lobby, at the checkout counter, and in other public spaces, giving the client complete sound masking and audio coverage throughout their office space. This design and installation are sure to achieve the client’s goals, making their healthcare acoustics, environment and patient experience just as beautiful as the office space. 

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