How to Choose Your Next AV Design-Build Partner

Working with top audio visual companies should be a smooth and rewarding process. But all too often, AV installation companies and their clients do not share the same expectations. What could have been an enjoyable and fruitful working relationship can turn into frustration for healthcare admins if budgets are exceeded, unexpected changes pop up or there are shortcomings in design or execution. To avoid ending up in such a sour situation, here are the five questions you should ask when interviewing potential audio visual consulting partners. 

1. What examples can you show me of similar projects you have completed? 

Anybody can say they are one of the best audio visual companies Phoenix has to offer but, as the saying goes, talk is cheap. You will not get anywhere by hearing someone discuss their credentials or their idea for a great AV solution; you need to know they have actually been there, done that. 

Once you explain exactly what you are looking for, ask for specific examples of similar projects they have completed. If they hem and haw in response, it is a good sign they have not yet executed such a project. If they have, they will happily share how that project was successful and client testimonials you can use as a point of reference. This will help you feel confident in the fact that this provider can actually meet your needs and bring your vision to life. 

2. What drives your AV philosophy? 

Most companies have some sort of overarching ideology that shapes their approach to their work and AV companies are no exception. Ask for a potential partner to explain their methodology and the process they go through when working with clients. This will give you insight into whether or not they are aligned with your own philosophy and able to truly fulfill your goals. 

For example, our work is guided by a mission to elevate the human experience. Every AV decision we make is filtered through the lens of how it will impact  wellbeing. If this matches your own outlook on the human experience, we will be a great fit. 

3. How do you support our company’s vision, from pre-planning all the way past implementation?

This is an important question because it brings up all phases of a project. Some audio visual companies excel in installation, but do not have the right expertise to advise you on the solutions to get in the first place. Others may shine in offering ongoing support, but lack the experience necessary to properly handle installation. Ideally, you want to find a partner that provides end-to-end solutions, so you are covered from pre-planning through installation and ongoing support. Make sure you understand your own providers’ strengths, so you get all the pieces you need for your project. 

4. How might this project impact our current operations?

Whenever work is being done at your facility, there will be some sort of impact to the workflow. Ask about the extent and timing of this impact before your project starts, so you can make arrangements if needed. For instance, if you are having kiosks and displays installed in your lobby, you may need to temporarily route visitors and patients to a different entrance for a week. Or, if you are having a more dramatic AV overhaul completed, there may be additional noise in certain areas of your facility for which you should prepare. Knowing this in advance will give you the time you need to plan and to set internal expectations for the changes. 

5. Will you provide training? 

While many people are early adopters and very comfortable learning to use new tech at their own pace, just as many others are not. You do not want to go to the effort and expense of buying and installing new equipment just to have your team members fail to use it or, worse yet, use it incorrectly. Ask your AV provider whether they will be able to help train your employees how to properly use the solutions you are installing, and if so, what the time commitment of such a training might be. This will, once again, help you plan and set expectations.

If you are looking for an audio visual company, make sure to include these five questions in your initial conversations. The responses you get will make it clear whether a potential partner is a good fit and capable of bringing your vision to your life. If you are in the market for an A/V company , we would love to be considered for your project. Give us a call!