Work Worth Reviewing: AV Design Project Highlight with PIVIUM

We get extremely excited about helping clients incorporate emerging technology trends into their facilities, especially when we can use them to improve provider-patient communication and the overall patient experience. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Estetica Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and were able to check all of these boxes together. Here is a look at our project and how we used thoughtful design and the latest AV technology as its foundation. 

Replacing The Old With The New

Estetica had an old nurse call system in place that was no longer operational, causing inefficiencies and other problems at the facility. The team wanted to replace it with a new, updated system for their four-bed surgical center. Estetica knew that PIVIUM had designed and installed nurse call systems for decades, represented several leading brands, and they wanted this level of expertise for their center. 

Product Selection & Installation

PIVIUM worked with Estetica to think through all considerations of designing the ideal system for their needs. Based on these conversations, PIVIUM recommended they move forward with a Cornell nurse call system. This brand was chosen because it specializes in affordable solutions for smaller environments. It was a great fit since Estetica wanted a simple, clean solution that gave their patients an easy way to communicate with the staff when they were not in their immediate vicinity. 

PIVIUM ultimately provided Estetica with pull cords for each patient room and overhead lamp corridor lights. The system also included a wall-mounted annunciator panel with light and tone notification system that is designed to communicate to the surgical team when a patient is requesting attention. 

PIVIUM was able to work with Estetica to achieve their goal while providing a highly effective and affordable product. The team at Estetica appreciated how quick the process was from start to finish, taking only three weeks from when they first reached out to when their new system was in place and operational. They were really pleased with the results and are now enjoying the benefits of better patient communication and satisfaction.

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