Identifying When Too Much Tech is Too Much

Technology can elevate your client experience and take your facility to the next level. It is possible, however, to end up taking on too much technology. Or layering on solution after solution without keeping an eye on budget and outcomes. When it comes to audio visual project management, it is important to strike the right balance. Here are some tips for reviewing your commercial AV solutions and making smart AV consulting decisions for the future. 

1. Establish the “why” 

When you consider adopting a new system, first consider why. Is it because your clients need touchless digital signage to meet sanitary guidelines and help direct traffic more effectively? Or is it because you heard your closest competitor just installed a brand new display, and you are worried you are falling behind? 

Be honest with yourself as you evaluate your current technology as well as the items on your wishlist. Only explore solutions that will either 1) improve your client’s experience, 2) improve any facility staff’s experience or 3) save you time and money. If your “why” does not fall into at least one of these categories, make a note of the tech you’re interested in and then plan to revisit it later when circumstances have changed. 

2. Prioritize 

It is tempting to feel like all the tech on your wishlist is equally urgent and important, but trust us – it never really is. Instead, discuss possible investments with all key stakeholders with the goal of prioritizing. If a facility recently had to lay off some of their front desk staff due to decreasing revenue, the importance of their self check-in kiosks skyrockets above anything else. Or, if clients have been complaining about the sterile nature of the building lobby, you may bump up the priority of digital art. Prioritize based on impact and need. 

3. Allocate budget

Once you have your priorities set according to true importance, you can start playing with the numbers. Odds are good that a facility will not be able to afford every piece of technology they want right away, but AV consultants can help you create a plan to implement solutions in stages. Make sure you have the budget for the entire scope of a system (from purchase to installation to maintenance) before moving forward with it so you are not surprised by costs or commit to too much before you have the funds. 

When you take the time to thoroughly understand your “why” behind wanting new technology, you remove the likelihood of making impulsive decisions and becoming overly burdened with solutions you don’t need. Would you like help figuring out a plan for your own tech? We would love to help

Need help striking the right balance with your AV solutions? We’re here to help.