Keeping Up with the Latest AV Technology

If you thought it was hard keeping up with the Joneses next door, what about the proverbial Joneses (your competitors) who have all the latest AV technology at their fingertips? Whether for a healthcare facility, senior living home, or corporate space, it can feel like an impossible task to stay on top of emerging technology trends. Here are some tips to keep up with AV trends and ensure you are doing all you can to deliver an exceptional patient, resident or visitor experience.

1. Revisit your goals. 

Any time you start going down a rabbit hole of comparison, pause for a moment. Maybe the outpatient healthcare facility down the road from you who offers the same services you do has a new video wall that patients are raving about. That sounds really cool, but does your facility need one? You may have a different lobby design and model for getting patients in and out than they do, so resist the urge to feel like you need to compete in every single area. 

Instead, start by looking inside your own walls. Maybe you do not need much on the entertainment front, but you have had patients complain about your harsh lighting. If your goals are to increase patient satisfaction and boost wellbeing, then upgrading your lighting system should top your list. The point is to start with your intentions, then map out what types of tech might help you fulfill them. You will not need every new type of technology out there, nor is it realistic to make use of it all. But you likely can benefit from specific audio visual industry trends that will help you serve the people who come through your doors. 

2. Reimagine your design. 

Next, focus your attention on the design of your space and the latest AV technology you are looking to implement. If you are working on a corporate space, for example, you might have marching orders to find AV solutions that will help engage employees during meetings. Make sure you spend time exploring all available technologies, and talking with an AV expert about the pros and cons. Bringing in an experienced partner during the design phase will help you avoid missteps and ensure installation is handled smoothly. 

3. Reinforce maintenance. 

Unexpected equipment breakdowns are not usually your first thought when you dream about exciting emerging technology trends. But, anyone who has worked with AV equipment knows that hardware issues can – and do – happen. Do not assume that the latest tech is immune from operational problems; to keep it functioning at its peak, you must plan for and schedule regular maintenance. Again, check with your AV solutions provider about a recommended maintenance cadence and how to plan for potential issues.

There are almost constantly new audio visual industry trends coming on the market, and it can feel like you need to be an expert in it all. But the truth is, you just need to partner with an expert. Know your goals and focus on achieving them through AV solutions that are properly designed, installed and maintained. This will get you where you need to go, and you will not need to give the Joneses another glance. Ready to get started? Contact us today.