Is Your Technology Design Inspiring?

Technology can be utterly amazing. But when it is not functioning well, or is not a seamless part of a building’s design, or appears outdated – it is less than inspiring. How does your tech occur to the people who come into your space? And what does it say about your company? Here are a few ways to modernize the technology design in your corporate office with AV trends that will leave employees and visitors feeling the great vibes that can come from technology inspiration. 

Pack A Powerful First Impression 

Consider what it looks like – and feels like – to step inside your doors. We mean this literally; go outside and walk in with fresh eyes to try to get an unbiased perspective of the first impression your space makes. Remember, too, that the absence of technology can be just as negative for visitors as the presence of old technology is. So, do you have anything visually exciting or new awaiting guests? If not, this is a great opportunity to go from boring to inspiring. 

Think about using digital art in your lobby, which allows you to easily swap out pieces or aesthetics based on a day, a season or an event. You can also make this first impression a stunning one by using TVs, monitors and ever-evolving content. Display new text, graphics and videos to keep the entryway experience fresh and interesting. 

Inspire Collaboration 

What about after your employees or visitors move on from the lobby? Well, you can keep your interactive displays and digital art going throughout your entire space. In addition, up the ante in your conference room. When people come into such an area, they should feel their creative juices revving up and feel inspired to collaborate with one another. 

You can encourage this by incorporating single or multi-panel video walls, which can be used for presentations or displaying virtual attendees. You could also use digital signage that displays uplifting quotes, thought-provoking questions or productivity-enhancing colors to keep the energy high in the room. Of course, you will also need to make sure you have high-quality video conferencing solutions and audio hardware in order to keep virtual attendees immersed in the experience too. Think beyond this and imagine other ways to use AV solutions to inspire. 

Corporate spaces do not have to be drab; in fact, they should not be. To inspire your visitors and employees, incorporate AV trends and an intentional technology design throughout your building. Need help getting started? Give us a call, we are here to help!