Modernize Corporate Spaces With These 4 AV Design Trends

If you’re looking to redo a conference room design, or incorporate some corporate AV market trends into an entire office space, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many audio visual industry trends, which is right for your next project? Although every corporate space is different and deserving of its own consideration, there are a few design ideas we recommend exploring. 

1. Create an interactive video wall. 

It used to seem like something from a futuristic movie, but single or multi-panel video walls and their accompanying high-end technology have become rather accessible. If you want to generate high-impact visuals that capture visitors’ attention and elevate a space, this is a great way to go. At PIVIUM, we offer direct view LED video walls, which deliver seamless images in a wide variety of dimensions with impressive viewing angles. 

2. Liven up your art. 

Designers have long been using art to evoke emotion or set a particular tone within corporate buildings. But today, art and technology mix beautifully. When you use digital art in a commercial space, the end result is a much wider array of art pieces that can be swapped out easily and quickly. Building owners can also exhibit work that’s meaningful in their business and enjoy an interior that’s more dynamic and interesting for anyone who passes by or stays for a while. 

3. Upgrade your TVs and displays. 

One way to modernize a corporate space swiftly is by giving TVs and displays a makeover. You can refresh their vibe and improve the ultimate visitor experience by strategically using TVs, monitors and content throughout a building. Modern conference room design ideas always include video systems that can receive content from many sources and deliver it in just as many ways. 

4. Let there be light. 

First we went from regular cell phones to smartphones, and now there’s actually something called intelligent lighting. It might sound silly but lights can have an enormous impact on individuals’ mindsets, productivity and mood. More than anything, lighting impacts someone’s desire to stay in a space – or leave. 

While natural lighting is best, artificial light can still be beneficial when natural light isn’t available. Either way, you can use technology to automate lighting, even down to brightening as the day goes on and dimming as evening approaches. While a bit ancillary to AV, it can be used in conjunction and is an important consideration to keep in mind when you’re designing a space for the visitor and employee experience.

Looking for conference room technology ideas or other AV options to transform corporate spaces? Contact us any time!