Sound & Visual Elements for Healthcare Facilities Are Both Practical & Stimulating

When you hear “latest AV technology,” you might not automatically think “visually or auditorily appealing.” But the truth is, the two concepts can absolutely go hand-in-hand. In fact, many audio visual industry trends and healthcare design trends are perfectly suited to improve efficiency and a multi-sensory experience.  Here are three ways you can blend the stimulating and the practical in your next healthcare design project. 

1. Digital wayfinding. 

While sometimes all a facility needs is a map and “you are here” sticker, digital wayfinding has advanced far beyond this. You can receive numerous benefits from a powerful digital wayfinding system that goes past providing simple directions. Not only can such a system help patients and their loved ones navigate the maze-like halls of a large facility, but it can also be visually stimulating. 

Bright colors, 3D floor plans, and intuitive touchscreen technology all look appealing while inviting patients and visitors to engage with them. Furthermore, you can use geofencing to create triggers to alert a workflow system of someone’s location and estimated arrival time so you can be prepared to greet them or provide them a room. 

2. Digital signage. 

When you want to share information with your patients and their family members, you may consider using digital signage. But don’t be mistaken; this type of AV solution is far from boring. You can actually get quite artistic with it, perhaps arranging panels of various sizes in a mosaic pattern on a vaulted wall and playing abstract content to give visitors a welcome, soothing distraction. 

Or, you could broadcast ocean scenes and use rich sound in a specific area on the floor to distract and mesmerize. Thanks to dynamic content, the options are truly almost endless when it comes to informing, entertaining and soothing those who pass through your doors. 

3. Controlled sound systems. 

Finally, remember that sound can have a significant influence over our moods and minds. This doesn’t pertain only to music being piped into common areas or white noise being used to mask the sharing of confidential information, it also pertains to silence. 

It’s important to maintain the right balance of sound and silence throughout your facility, as each one is appropriate – and even necessary – in certain situations. Acoustics can go a long way in promoting healing and patient satisfaction so be sure your AV systems are set up accordingly.

Looking to use the latest AV technology to make your healthcare facility more efficient and stimulating? We’d love to help; give us a call.