Why Designers Should Care About Audio and Video Features

Audio visual (AV) systems can make or break a good design. Think of it like making the functional beautiful, and vice versa. If you have ever opened a cabinet only for it to hit a door jamb, you know how frustrating it can be for good design and functionality to not be on the same page. Here is a bit more about why designers should care about audio visual system design in their projects. 

Start Early to Bring Your Vision to Life

Designers are the visionaries and are responsible for making a place come alive. You are all about space, style and beauty – and can transform a simple building into something immersive and experiential. This is truly a gift and one that should not be understated. 

At the same time, a space cannot be high on vision and low on pragmatism or it will not be able to be used as intended. In order for the vision to work, it has to also be functional and work well with technology (e.g. an AV system), electricity (e.g. lighting) and other necessary systems (e.g. heating and air conditioning). 

The best way to ensure your vision is brought to life is by factoring in all of these elements as early as possible. We recommend working them into your plans in the design phase so you have as much time as possible to work through kinks and get everything right from the start. 

Partnerships are Golden

Designers often tell us that this sounds great, but they do not have AV experience. They are the visual person for a reason so they want to leave the technology to someone else. We completely understand this reasoning but waiting to bring in that someone else is where problems crop up. Designers are not expected to be masters at AV and neither is AV for architects. The same truth remains that you must account for these systems in the design phase of your project in order to enjoy a successful outcome. 

This means bringing in an AV expert as your partner. This partnership is the best of both worlds because it allows you to focus on your strengths and create a beautiful design, while making sure someone is alongside you, understanding the technical aspects of the build. By working in such a manner, you will save yourself time, headache and money throughout the entire process and end up with your vision, realized – and functional. 

Interested in forming such a partnership? We would love to chat!