Samsung 40” Healthcare-Grade LED Television SMART Slim Direct-Lit Class 693 Series


Samsung’s 693 Series SMART Healthcare-Grade Television offers advanced interactive patient engagement systems. The NC Series is equipped with Pro:Idiom™ MPEG4 technology, for use with most major VOD/PPV systems. Offering patients premium HDTV content from cable, satellite or video-on-demand services with no optional cards or external box. IPTV-IP Pro:Idiom available with SINC 3.0 and H-Browser. Samsung’s REACH 3.1 (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitals) Management Solution is used in conjunction with an existing coaxial-based infrastructure. REACH 3.1 provides centralized TV controls, basic static content management capabilities and an Interactive Program Guide (IPG). Allows for easy updates and completely customize the information using a Windows®-based system. Samsung’s LYNK™ SINC 3.0 interactive content management system is an IP-based content management solution delivering enhanced HTML and rich text to communicate between Samsung Interactive TVs and facility management software. The systems deliver on-demand, condition-specific educational content, hospital information, analytics, surveys, service recovery features and more to the patient’s bedside. Customizable user interfaces are offered by healthcare system integrators. Facility managers can completely customize the in-room entertainment with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Weather API, Flight Information and Real Time Messaging, and by unlocking rich content from the Samsung Hospitality Widget Library. Samsung’s software-based DRM technology is integrated into the entire Samsung Hospitality TV line. Samsung LYNK offers a robust solution to unlock premium HDTV content from content providers such as cable, satellite and VOD providers, with maximum efficiency and security. IPTV-IP LYNK available with SINC 3.0 and H-Browser. Verimatrix™ HD Content Decryption DRM (IP). UL-Listed for use in Hospitals, includes an interchangeable pillow speaker interface.

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