Achieving Both Beauty & Efficiency in Your Next Healthcare Project

Designers and architects are known for their visionary talents, dreaming up future healthcare aesthetics and concepts that make spaces both stunning and soothing. Hospitals and other facilities also need efficiency in addition to beautiful builds. Here is a look at how to marry beauty and efficiency in medical AV design to create a flawless in-person and digital patient experience.

Start With Logistics

When your creative mind is whirring it can be hard to pause and think about practical matters.  Beginning with the logistical end in mind will actually free you to create without worry. This way you will already have accounted for all systems, interfaces, entry points, and relevant use cases. By knowing what restrictions you are working with, potential workflows you are designing for and any physical limitations upfront, you will not have to amend your vision after the fact.

Imagine Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

It is helpful to think early on about potential AV systems that can elevate efficiency in a given space.  If your intention is to create a serene space paired with beautiful imagery, consider digital art.

Evoking emotional storytelling with the use of digital art can have profound effects on the moods and experiences of your intended audiences. There are also other AV solutions that double as both aesthetic and functional centerpieces. Digital signage is a great example of this. You can use digital signage to not only direct patients and visitors where they need to go and equip them with important information, but you can also make it artistic. Maybe some of the panels display text and help with wayfinding while others play abstract content to engage and distract folks as they wait.

Knowing early on in your project that you want to use these solutions can help you better configure and plan certain areas of the build from the beginning.

Work With a Partner

Your specialty is imagination and beauty, while a partner like PIVIUM specializes in technical knowledge and pairing AV solutions with desired outcomes. Working together from the beginning of a project is the most ideal way to achieve both style and efficiency during a project build. You bring unique strengths that your partner does not have, and vice versa. Plus, you can challenge one another to think bigger and create the most excellent in-person and digital patient experience possible while remaining realistic and on budget.

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Addressing both the functional and aesthetic needs of a space ensures a well-rounded design-build project. Are you ready to discover how to achieve both beauty and efficiency in you next project? We’re here for you!