Technology to Create A Better Video Conference Experience

With any combination of a dispersed workforce, remote employees and long-distance clients, connecting over a webcam and microphone is often the closest you can get to real conversations today. So whether you are someone who loves video calls or someone who can think of nearly one hundred things you would rather do instead, video conferencing is here to stay. To help improve the quality – and your enjoyment – of these interactions, here are some tips about conference room technology and conference AV (audio visual) solutions

1. The Best Meeting Room Tech

Impressions are being made all the time during virtual meetings. In fact, did you know that many executives believe employees who keep their cameras and mics off during video calls won’t have a long-term future at their company? This might sound harsh, but perhaps the best way to ensure the right impressions are being made about everyone on your team is by starting with the right meeting room tech. 

The Logitech Rally Bar Mini is built with a dual-camera system and RightSight 2 auto-framing technology. You can use it in “Grid View” to eliminate empty space and frame each person in their own stream, “Speaker View” to highlight the active speaker or “Group View” to capture everyone in the room. The quality of the cameras will make everyone glad to keep them on during conference calls, and the advanced audio engineering delivers rich, natural sound to make sure every voice is clearly heard. This product is best in small and medium-sized rooms, and can make quite a difference in your virtual meetings. 

2. Go Contactless 

The genre of touchless technology started to skyrocket in popularity during the rise of COVID-19, and it still remains a great choice today. Offering a more hygienic approach to shared technology, as well as convenience, contactless options can create a better experience for all. Take advantage of this by encouraging team members to BYOD (bring their own devices), investing in conference room technology that wirelessly pairs personal devices to in-room displays or exploring tech that has gesture-based access. The list goes on and on. 

Additionally, keep in mind that some standby AV solutions, like digital signage, have always been contactless. Consider using digital signage for the art in your meeting space, to create a video wall for conferencing or for a variety of other solutions that will keep meetings humming smoothly. 

3. Get Creative 

Finally, remember that the best video calls are the ones in which you do not even have to think about the AV aspects. When all your technology works as it should, things like technical glitches, garbled sound and other problems are nonexistent. To help achieve this, think about using new and different types of microphones and speakers. 

For example, you might find that tabletop microphones pick up the voices of your team members far better than in-device ones do, or that ceiling speakers create an immersive effect. There are many solutions out there, and it’s key you find the one that works for your conference room and your purposes best. 

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When it comes to creating a top-notch video conference experience, the right conference room technology will give you the best start. Here are some tips.