The Role of AV Integration in a New Build or New Space

If you are building a new facility or moving to one, did you know it is the perfect time to think through new audio visual integration? Whether you have systems from a former building or not, reevaluating their purpose and handling any additional AV integration during construction is the best way to go for several reasons. Here is a look at why. 

1. Seamless Wiring & Cabling 

Some folks think it makes sense to complete construction and then figure out their AV systems, but this will not set them up for success. If you want to have seamless wiring and cabling, for instance, you need to know where your systems are being placed during the construction phase. Make sure to map out your AV needs before going much further, so you can be strategic about concealing what needs to be hidden while making other pieces accessible that need to be accessible. 

2. Uncovering Opportunities

When you bring in an AV design partner like PIVIUM early on in new construction (or a move to a new facility), you open yourself up to new possibilities. An expert understands how AV solutions impact such vital aspects as end-user experience, staff workflow, and more. As such, they will be able to advise you while there is still time to make changes and improve your design.  

3. Saving Time & Money

When you create an AV plan early in a new build or move to a new facility, you can also simply plan better. By doing so, you steer clear of potential problems that may cost you down the road, either in time, money, complications, or more. Working with a partner to coordinate your AV integration is also key to saving time and money, as experienced partners will cover all of the most important elements when estimating costs and timelines. They will also ensure you integrate the right sounds and video systems during the construction process, to avoid rework and maximize opportunities. When building or moving to a new facility, remember that audiovisual integration during design and construction is always best. Need help from an experienced partner? Just give us a call!

Starting a new build or moving to a new facility? Make sure you have the right AV partner in tow for a successful project.